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Professional translation services in Bilbao

For those who do not know it, translators are specialised professionals who convey an original message into the target language in a written document. In order to achieve their goal and offer an efficient result, translators must have excellent skills not only in their target language, but also in the different specialised terms used in each field in order to choose the right word for each translation.

Professional translation skills in Madrid

When we refer to professional efficient translation services in Valencia, we need to know that it is not enough with speaking a certain language to be able to do this job: you need a deep understanding of the language (including spelling, grammar and specific terminology, among others).

Not only do they have the skills that are necessary for this job, but professional translators in Barcelona also need to have excellent reading and analytical skills to produce good documents and do a correct interpretation of the message. For translators, it is essential not only to master colloquial terms in the language, but also metaphors, phrases and idioms employed in the culture of his or her working languages. They key is to be able to truthfully convey the intended message in the original text into the target language.

The confusion between a translator and an interpreter

Quite frequently, the job of a translator is confused with the job of an interpreter, even more than we would expect.  However, both professions are different and it is essential to know their differences to understand what each professional does.

The message to be conveyed is different

The main difference between translation professionals in Bilbao and those who work as interpreters has to do with the type of content to be conveyed from one language into another: interpreters convey messages orally, while translators convey written messages.

They possess different skill sets

Starting from the basis that a professional translator in Madrid will work with written texts, we can infer that the skills required for this type of job are different than those needed to be an interpreter. In the latter case, excellent memory skills, reaction capacity and almost automatic analytical skills are required, especially if we are referring to on site interpreting.  On the other hand, translators must have excellent writing and spelling skills, as well as text editing, reviewing and proofreading skills, among others.

Why is a good translation so important?

Text translation can be considered an art. It’s not just about translating words, but also translating ideas, concepts, messages… and in many cases, we capture cultures (lovely, isn’t it?)… This is why translators must be properly trained .

Naturally, the most important thing is that the message of the text stays intelligible and idiomatic (that is, that it does not sound “funny”) and, of course, that the content remains true to the original text. Our priority? To erase all the obstacles so that communication in texts remains fluid and to ensure that there will be no difficulties understanding.

Can every translator translate everything?

Let’s assume that every translator has his or her working languages. Similarly to his or her language pairs, translators do specialise in certain fields of expertise (just as doctors do). The most frequent specializations are legal, technical, medical and marketing texts…You can check my fields of expertise in the Why Euterpe slide, but if you need a clock making specialist, we will find it for you!

How much does a translation cost? And how long does it take?

Normally, we offer an estimate per word. In some cases, we can agree a fee per page or per hour. Obviously, this fee could vary depending on the difficulty and the level of specialization of the text…and on the urgency! Bear in mind that a translator can deal with an average of 2.500 words per day; if you ask for an extra effort or even if it becomes necessary to hire additional colleagues to deliver on time, this deserves a tip, doesn’t it?

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