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Professional sworn translation services in Bilbao

When we speak about sworn translations in Madrid, we refer to written documents in a foreign language to be translated into Spanish or vice versa and which have an official status so that they can be presented before a certain legal body. This kind of translations can only be done by professionals certified by the Spanish Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry, also known as MAEC.

Who can provide good sworn translation services in Valencia?

In order for a translated document to be regarded as official and to be presented before Spanish legal bodies, it must be translated by a translator certified by the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry. Sworn translations must always be signed and sealed by a certified professional and also show a certification to ensure that the translator is certified.

Professional sworn translators in Bilbao are not civil servants nor do they have any kind of relation to the State: they are freelance professionals who have been certified by the MAEC to work as official sworn translators. They are certified by a pertinent body and are also registered in an official registry.

When should we request a sworn translation in Valencia? When a translation is certified, it is granted an official status, just as if it was a notarial deed. When we want to present a document before public administrations, choosing a certified sworn translator is highly advisable.

Frequent uses of sworn translation

Generally, sworn translations in Barcelona are required in legal or administrative processes when some kind of foreign documentation must be provided. These bodies require that the validity of theses documents is certified, and this is why they require the services of a sworn translator to endorse its validity.

There are some common procedures in our lives that may require a sworn translation in Bilbao, such as: procedures to obtain a visa, passports or ID documents, adoption processes, official birth or death certificates, Court sentences or decisions.

What is sworn translation?

For some texts, mere translating is not enough. They also need a seal and signature of the person responsible for their translation who certifies the faithfulness and perfect match with the original message.

These documents may be academic records, statutes, civil registrations or any notarial deed.

Can anybody translate this sort of texts?

Not at all! Not only are sworn translators experts in the legal sector, but they are also certified by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, who allows them to act as sworn translators and include them in a national registry of professionals. Therefore, not all translators can deal with this kind of activity.

Can somebody else do the translation and then ask for the seal?

It is normally accepted. The price would include proofreading and sealing. Nevertheless, before accepting any project it is recommended to have a look at the quality of the translation before accepting it…

Can I have several copies of a translation and seal them?

Sure! The translation would be charged once and then a fee per printed and sealed page.

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