When we speak about professional translation, we talk about an activity that goes far beyond having only some mere knowledge of the text source and target languages. This job is not only wide, but it also requires some specific conditions and skills in order to success in the field. Today we will introduce the main qualities of a good translator so s/he can stand out in this occupation and provide a quality job for their clients. We hope you will find this piece of information useful.

How should a fine translator be?

As an introduction, we would like to remind you what a professional translator does: in short, they transfer documents from one language to another and, even if it seems only knowledge in both languages is needed, the truth is that in order to succeed the translator needs some other qualities and skills.

Strong languages knowledge

Every translator specializes in a language, or even several languages, but in order to work efficiently as a translator, strong and profound knowledge is needed both in source and target languages. This not only applies to formal register, but also jargon and phrases so s/he can better interpret every document and the intention of its author.

Good writing skills

Translators work with written documents, for that reason they should master excellent writing skills and text management skills if they aim to prosper in a career with good results and happy clients.

Experience in the chosen field of expertise

Most of translators choose a field of expertise in order to devote themselves to it when studding a language. For instance, some translators work with scientific publications, medical texts, in social sciences, journalism and diplomacy, among others.

Professionalism above all

Offering a tailored service to every client and working seriously and professionally is a   key element in the job. Even if the most important part is text management, counting on satisfied clients is the only way to prosper.