Many company managers make the huge mistake of believing that hiring a pro, specialized translator is a waste of ressources, and they often end up using free translating tools such as “Google Translate” to handle their texts in different languages. The truth is that, even if technology has considerably advanced in the last years, no free translation software will offer the same quality results as a professional. In today’s article we will introduce you 5 main reasons why hiring a dedicated translator is always the best choice.

What does a professional translator do?

Maybe you have some doubts about the real job of a professional translator, this job is often mistaken with a similar one called interpreter even if they have different tasks. The translator, in general, transfers written material from one language to another in the delay agreed with the client and respecting at all times the meaning of the original text. This can be achieved thanks to the accomplished knowledge that the professional translator has of both languages, and s/he handles formal register, verbal phrases or expressions all at the time.

5 reasons why hiring a translator

You may still have some doubts, but as we stated at the beginning of the article, choosing free softwares that promise trustworthy translations is not always the most efficient solution and definitely not the most professional in order to receive your documents in a different language. So ¿Why hiring a translator? Let’s have a look:

Importance in a globalized world

In such a globalized reality as the one we are living in, language can become a barrier that is likely to present a real challenge for any company or business. So to avoid this from happening and to obtain in every domain a fluid communication, it is of great importance to trust specialist who rely on their accomplished knowledge of languages, both target and source.

professional accuracy

Can we really trust in the results of a simple software such as Google Translate in order to get an accurate translation of a document? The truth is that the exactitude and accuracy obtained through an experienced professional service can not be compared. A quality translation does not only require speaking the language, but also being familiar with its culture, phrasal verbs and knowing exactly how to present the speaker’s intention.

Essential for a real business

Any serious company or business is familiar with the importance of trusting professionals for what they may need. Could you imagine the terrible impression a software-translated or app-translated document may leave on a customer? Hiring a professional translator is the best shot you have to obtain efficient results, quality guaranteed.